Emergency Procedures Manuals:

We can prepare and construct your ERP Manual which is a fundamental requirement and on which sets the foundation for a comprehensive response to a crisis. This will form the basis of your corporate policy and checklists for your Crisis Management and Field Teams. It will also include details of your Local Airport Contingency Plans and contact lists of senior management and key personnel.

Regency Management Services have reviewed, validated and produced a significant number of ERP Manuals (in English, Spanish, French, Italian and Cantonese) for numerous airlines around the world. Every manual exceeds the requirements of ICAO annex 13 and IATA and IOSA recommended pratices and procedures. It also includes information on how to deal with the latest policy document from ICAO which outlines their requirements for airlines to provide assistance to aircraft accident victims and their families and friends.

Special Assistance Team Training:

Air accidents tend to make National, even International news. In major aircraft accidents, hundreds of passengers may be affected. Add to this the number of family members who will be placed under pressure by the media to provide interviews and eye witness reports, then the task before the industry becomes plain.

Put simply, the need to have well trained Special Assistance Teams in place is vital and time becomes all too apparent. Airlines have a duty of care to ensure that they have the ability to recognise Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in victims, how to cope and deal with the adverse effects it will not only bring to the individuals concerned but their family, friends and possibly your own employees.

Reuniting survivors of an aviation disaster with their families is a sensitive issue and requires careful monitoring and in most cases, additional support. Special Assistance Team members will be trained accordingly to provide every assistance in supporting the victims and their families and returning them to a pre-crisis level of functioning.

Regency Management Services can provide the skills and techniques required to ensure that your Special Assistance Teams are sufficiently trained to deal with every aspect of Managing a Crisis, any Crisis. All attendees are certified on completion of a two-day interactive course.

Crisis Management Team Training:

Managing a crisis at any airline or airport requires a dynamic team of senior management to take command and control promptly. They should have been pre-selected to meet in permanent session in order to coordinate the airline or airport’s response to the incident or accident to provide rapid corporate intervention or decisions to deal with the developments as they occur.

Due to the fast progression and variable nature of events in an emergency, the Crisis Management Team will provide direction and instruction to the Investigation, Identification, Special Assistance and Media Teams to ensure the airline or airport’s image and reputation is protected.

Specific training for the Crisis Management Team provided by Regency Management Services will guide you through this process. This is a two day course and would include practical demonstrations, lessons learnt from previous events, role play, communications exercises which culminate in a series of coordinated Table Top Emergency exercises. We also offer appropriate planning and organising skills and conduct regular Emergency Drills not just at Head Office but at airports too which are key to an effective emergency response plan.

Training is essentially educative and participative.

Testing is broadly speaking exercising under pressure. There is little or no scope for learning during a test; learning only comes from the debrief. In some cases, testing certain components of the Emergency Response plan in isolation before a coordinated test is undertaken may be appropriate.

Crisis Communications and Media Handling:

In the current climate, it is vital that that all key personnel are trained in effective communication. Having the ability and skills to communicate with confidence can be used not just in a crisis but in standard operating practices. It does not have to be a major event before these practices are applied.

AirAsia-WeiboOver the recent years, the industry has witnessed just how important it is to train not just senior management but all Heads of Departments and in particular, Station and Country Managers. They may not be the company spokespersons but to deliver a message such as a Press Release or a bulletin to local Media or Family members requires even the basic knowledge and skills of what to say and what not to say.

Regency Management Services offers a one day highly intensive and interactive workshop in crisis Communications techniques which is designed for all levels of management.

Security Programmes and applicable Training:

Aviation security continually remains a top priority for airlines and airports. New technology and procedures are being introduced on a regular basis but consistency is the key together with that continuous reminder that we all have to maintain vigilance. The impact of the September 11th, 2001 atrocities have had on our industry are available for all to see. As a result of the continual threat, airlines and airports have had to reassess their security requirements and have implemented new and enhanced training courses and procedures.

Regency Management Services recognises the need to ensure that all staff employed in “Restricted areas” in particular and are fully conversant with the latest security threats and trends. In accordance with ICAO annex 17, TSA, EU requirements and Security Services around the world, we can write your Security Programme and implement appropriate training. Details of specific training, such as Initial courses for Security Agents and Supervisors, Conflict Management, Disruptive Passengers, Bomb Threat and Risk Assessments workshops are available on request.

Risk Assessment/Bomb Threat Training:

This course will provide approved training for all nominated Risk and Threat Assessors responsible for assessing potential risks in the form of a Bomb Threat or any act of unlawful interference to an aircraft, airport or buildings.

Regency Management Services offers a two week Distance Learning Package to educate all nominees which is followed by a half day workshop and certification.

Call Centres:

Responding to telephone calls from anxious families and friends to an airline in the aftermath of a major disaster requires the immediate action of a Call Centre which offers a “Toll Free” number for them to call. Whilst information may be limited, incoming calls must be treated with care and empathy for the caller.

The Call Centre must be operational within one hour of any crisis being declared and will act as a central information point in support of any incident or accident at any location.

Regency Management Services can provide a one day workshop for all Call Centre/Customer Service staff who may be assigned to the Call Centre.

These trained staff will deal with the copious amounts of incoming calls an event such as this will bring to an airline. We can provide the knowledge and skills to develop and implement the techniques for a professional customer service response in the Emergency Call Centre.

Alternatively, you may decide that due to limited resources and qualified staff available, consideration may be given to outsourcing this service to a full time, professional Call Centre.

We can offer a superb state-of-the-art facility with highly motivated, extensively trained personnel who can converse in many different languages. This facility provides a 24/7 service and can be fully operational within one hour after being notified of a crisis.

Crew Resource Management:

Accident and incidents caused directly or indirectly by Human Factors continue to dominate Safety Statistics despite significant attempts by airlines to address the situation that was identified more than thirty years ago. Since then, airlines have embarked on a number of Human Factors initiatives, some of which have been mandated by National Regulators such as the UK Civil Aviation Authority. All these programmes are aimed at threat and error management and Regency Management Services have designed their training packages to give crews effective counter measures against threat and error.

Notwithstanding the safety issues, airlines with sound Human Factors programmes have enjoyed considerable efficiencies in their operations with commensurate cost savings and improved customer service as well as enhanced motivation and morale amongst crews.

Accident Investigation Workshop:

In the event that an airline is involved in an aircraft incident or accident, an accredited team of official Accident Investigators will conduct the Investigation in accordance with ICAO annex 13. Agencies such as the AAIB, BEA, NTSB will dispatch a team of Investigators to a crash site to establish the cause of the accident. Any airline involved in an event such as this should provide its own Accident Investigation Team (AIT) to assist and observe the proceedings. Aircraft and engine manufacturers are likely to want to be in attendance with the airline’s Accident Investigation Team and the airline will be required to facilitate such a request.

In the interest of Safety, Security and the on-going Investigation, it is important that this is carried out amicably and with all parties coopering fully with accredited representatives from the Accident Investigation Team.

An airline’s AIT would normally consist of four or five senior officials and would include a Fleet Captain or Fleet Manager/Chief Pilot, representatives from Engineering, Flight/Ground Operations, Flight Safety and possibly a P.R/Media representative to deal with the local Media. All need to be aware of their specific role and hazards they may encounter at the accident site. The AIT will also need to work closely with the host Government, the Airport Authority, the Police and Emergency Services and of course the Media and Insurance Underwriters.

Our one-day workshop is designed to ensure that any airline’s AIT is fully prepared both physically and mentally to meet the heavy demands an event like this will bring.

Safety Management Training:

The concept of Safety and how we manage it safely varies considerably so to  ensure that the right SMS programme is agreed and promulgated throughout an airline is why we have introduced a new, four day training course for Safety Teams and Analysts,  other departmental staff under the nomination of their manager or departmental head. Nine modules are covered during this course and our new SMS Trainer is a former British Airways B747 Captain who is ICAO certified.

Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters:

In the USA, all airlines are required by law to provide a formal, professional and compassionate response to victims, their families and friends following an aviation disaster.

The U.S. Federal Family Assistance Plan for Aviation Disasters was first introduced in 1996 for all U.S. registered carriers but was later extended to include all airlines operating into and out of the USA. This act requires that every airline should file with the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) a Family Assistance plan to be used in case of an aircraft accident.

Regency Management Services can prepare your submission in accordance with current legislation and your Emergency Response Procedures.